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The “Divine Proportion” in God’s creation exists in the smallest to the largest parts of His works: BEAUTY, FUNCTION AND ORDER The Nautilus Seashell is the clearest example.  This form is commonly known as the “golden spiral”.  More examples that was created in this spectacular “Equation of Life” form is, eg. human body, DNA strands, trees, flowers, the Milky Way, the sections of a pineapple, sunflower seeds, daisy petals, music notes, Noah’s Arc  ... and so it goes on and on. The beauty, summitry and order in His CREATIONS shows the AWESOMENESS of GOD Who made it all!
Our clients can be rest assured that they will always receive professional, prompt, friendly and loyal service from us. If you have something specific in mind for your company ie. corporate gifts, corporate clothing, brochures, adds, corporate identity to be created/ changed, business / personalised stationery etc. don’t hesistate any further, CallyGrafix will design/ print and service your company’s corporate identity according to your needs with a promise of good quality and prices on products and branding thereof. Amongst our services, gifts & clothing we also supply; - stationery, packaging, signage, vehicle wraps ... & more! We offer good quality corporate clothing at excellent prices.  Various branding options available.  We also proud ourselves in custom making corporate wear if that should perhaps be more suitable for your company’s corporate image.  We offer GOOD quality items and excellent prices.  Various branding options are available. With more than 20 years industry and 25 years designing experience, we offer our expertise to our clients for a well looked after Corporate Identity.  We focus on your clients (your market) needs, getting that message out as quick and as effective as possible. Graphic Designing for digital and online marketing as well as paper printing formats: Stationery ie. brochures, flyers, advertisements, business cards, letterheads, folders, company profiles, prospects, invoice/quotation books, magazines, newsletters, packaging, greeting cards, menus, cd/dvd (printing, duplication and covers), posters, banners, signage, flags, shop windows, vehicle wraps, branding, mailers, websites etc. Cally Grafix does not only design, but offers you final branded products related to their unique Corporate Identity.
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